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Match the Celebrity Stay Home Outfit to Your Zodiac Sign

Which Celebrity Home Outfit Is Your Vibe? It All Depends on Your Zodiac Sign

Here's a fun game to play: match the celebrity stay-home outfit to your zodiac sign and — voilà! — create your next chill look. Personally, I know I could use just about any sort of inspiration to fuel my styling capabilities at the moment, so why not be led by my horoscope? It's true that as a Taurus, I tend to reach for the same cute little tops to pair with my sweats because I feel most comfortable in them and they also speak to my personal style. Yup, even when it comes to my wardrobe, I can be a little stubborn.

Then you've got the romantic Cancer, who I'm sure is taking up the house dress trend right about now. There are definitely other signs, like the Leo and the Aquarius, who spark major conversations with their statement accessories via Zoom, and we've just come to expect that from them. Taking all these notes into consideration, I matched a celebrity outfit to each zodiac sign, so you can determine the look your soul is seeking and use it as your new go-to when the spotlight's on you during your next video call — or even when you have nothing else to do but whip up that new recipe and read a good book.

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