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The Most Expensive Royal Jewelry

6 of the Royal Family's Priciest Pieces of Jewelry

The Most Expensive Royal Jewelry

It probably comes as no shock that the Queen's jewelry collection is valuable beyond belief. In fact, the unique pieces in her collection are, in most cases, so valuable that they are, quite literally, priceless: with a few exceptions, the precise valuations of the Queen's jewelry pieces aren't public knowledge. There are, however, a few pieces that we can trace the worth of, either through estimations by expert jewelers or by tracing the origins of the pieces when they were originally purchased.

Some of the Queen's most expensive jewelry consists of priceless crown jewels that are only worn on ceremonial occasions, but among her more "ordinary" pieces, there are a few whose prices we know a little about. Keep reading for more info about what these high-value jewels are worth, and which royal ladies have borrowed them from the Queen over the years.

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