17 Fashion Trends We'll All Be Wearing Through 2021

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If you find yourself wary about shopping right now — simply because you're not sure when you'll start really seeing people again (never mind hugging them) — you're not alone. But dressing for yourself is more than OK; in fact, we highly encourage it. With a handful of fashion trends bubbling up on Instagram, there's certainly no shortage of inspiration, either. As industry experts, we're here to let you know what's sticking around far beyond the days of sheltering in place and working from home, if that's important to you, and gives you more of a reason to add to your cart.

Led by some of our favorite celebrities to follow for outfit ideas — like Yara Shahidi, Barbie Ferreira, Salem Mitchell, Emma Chamberlain, and more — we're pinpointing the looks that have staying power through 2021, not because they're trickling down from the runways but because they help us convey our personality through our clothing, which is really the only way we're interested in dressing right now. Scroll through to get the full rundown on these trends, from the pleated tennis miniskirt to the resurgence of '90s sport brands we want to wear loudly and proudly, and shop one standout pick from each category.


Gender-Fluid Brands

In 2020, Marc Jacobs launched his polysexual label Heaven, worn by Bella Hadid here, with the message that fashion is for everyone. More and more, we're just going to be shopping for our personal senses of style and nothing more, because f*ck labels.


Statement Specs or Blue Light Glasses

If you've ever been complimented on your lenses during a Zoom call, then you know how much joy comes with the idea that someone's actually digging your glasses. We'll be styling them with our outfits way more frequently now that they're getting so much hype. Plus, with the added blue light function, we'll feel better about staring at the computer screen all day.


Next-Level Denim

Bring back jeans! After serious sweatpants fatigue, you know you're going to be excited to wear denim again, so why not go on the hunt for an incredibly cool pair that speaks to your personality? Of course, if you're slowly making the transition, there are plenty of jeans that are comfortable enough to work from home in.


Vintage Bowling Shirts

The vintage bowling shirt is the new vintage band tee, and we're glad for it. There are so many more ways to wear these button-front tops with splashy patterns — and we're all about the cool and casual comfort.


Playful Jewelry

If the DIY camp bracelets and beaded mask chains you've seen all over Instagram were any indication, jewelry has honestly become the most exciting part of our outfits. Rather than setting your sights on a specific trend, like mismatched earrings or chain-link chokers, just look for something colorful that's bound to bring you (or others!) some joy.


Clothes For a Cause

Supporting companies that give back has always been important to us, but spreading the word about the labels that make a difference is more important than ever. Just like Black-owned brand Phenomenal, there are tons of ways to shop for clothing with proceeds going toward programs that fight social injustice or raise funds for charities. Wearing a signature slogan, like Storm Reid did, is just one more way to raise awareness.


Self-Expression Masks

Face masks may not always be required in public places, but they're certainly proven to stop the spread of germs, especially in large crowds. The design elements of our face masks have gotten more and more important to us, and we're treating them as yet another accessory to help us convey our personalities.

Our Pick: 8 Other Reasons Mask and Chain Holder

Our Pick: 8 Other Reasons Mask and Chain Holder

8 Other Reasons Filter Insert Mask ($14, originally $24) and Chain Mask Holder in Green ($15)


Cutout Dresses

We saw cutouts start to take hold on the fall 2020 runways, but the look is sticking around in 2021, since we're pining for dresses with a little more excitement and even edge.


Kitschy Statement Bags

Flirt with your favorite shape — or object — and make sure your accessories are not only eye-catching but also conversation starters.


Edgy Crop Tops

Whether your pick is a structured bustier or something more glamorous with sequins à la Paris Hilton in the early 2000s, our current mood is a funky top + mom jeans + sneakers.



Whether it's a matching bowling shirt or a full-on linen ensemble, like Maisie Williams and Reuben Selby's, getting dressed up with your partner is fun, sharing clothes is cool, and going all out is completely acceptable.

Our Pick: Collusion Unisex Check Blazer and Shorts

Our Pick: Collusion Unisex Check Blazer and Shorts


Vintage Logo Accessories

We're all about shopping sustainably, and one of our favorite ways to do this is by scouring vintage sites for special preowned items we'll treasure forever. Wearing your heart on your sleeve and sporting your favorite designer logo is also more affordable this way. And who doesn't love a luxury accessory with a rich history?


Romantic House Dresses

We fell in love with breezy house dresses over the past several months. And you know what they say: once you start wearing dresses that feel like pajamas, you never go back. OK, well maybe that's just what we say. But we mean it! There's a house dress for all seasons.


Leggings Love

Leggings are pants, and spending time sheltering in place was enough of a reminder. We're seeing a lot more details emerging that are encouraging us to stay true to everyone's favorite pant. (See: side slits, side stripes, and flared silhouettes that give off dancer vibes.)

Our Pick: Zara Stretchy Ruched Leggings

Our Pick: Zara Stretchy Ruched Leggings

Zara Stretchy Ruched Leggings ($30, originally $40)


Nostalgic '90s and '00s Brands

Sure enough, we're still reminiscing about fashion trends from the past and kicking ourselves for getting rid of our Kangol bucket hats and lived-in hoodies from Gap and Abercrombie & Fitch. This is just another fashion trend for which vintage retailers may come in handy.



The tennis skirt has recently made a comeback, replacing athleisure staples like biker shorts and sweat shorts. Even if yours doesn't veer on the sporty side, pleats definitely bring some dimension and thrill to your look.


Romantic Details

We're fully prepared to start collecting blouses that connect us to our free-spirited, inner hippie. Lovely details like lace hems and eyelet contribute to that vibe.