Sweat, Stretch Out, and Get Energized With 7 Wake-Me-Up Yoga Practices For Mornings

I'm trying (and mostly failing, but trying!) to make morning yoga a part of my daily routine. It's not just that it refreshes my body and relaxes me, head to toe, before the day starts; I've also noticed that I'm more focused throughout the day, hours after the practice is over. Quietly embracing the slight discomfort of some positions and moving mindfully from pose to pose is meditative, connecting my mind to the task at hand in a way that filters through the rest of my day.

While some mornings I like to focus on one muscle group or area of tightness, other times, I just want to fully embrace that feeling of looseness, connection, and concentration. The best thing I've found for that? Yoga flows designed for the morning, to wake you up and get you moving. Luckily for an at-home yogi like me, there are plenty of those posted all over YouTube to help me stretch out and sink into that quiet headspace I crave. Ahead, check out seven of the best wake-you-up YouTube yoga flows I could find, created to help you welcome the new day feeling relaxed and energized.

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Sunrise Yoga: 15 Minute Morning Yoga Practice by Yoga With Adriene

Take your time through this gentle flow with YouTube yogi Adriene Mischler. It's all about connecting to your breath and waking your body up slowly and effectively.

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Gentle Yoga Flow: Start Or End Your Day Perfectly by Boho Beautiful

This flow does double duty: it's relaxing enough to do in the morning or at night, whenever you have time. Get ready for lots of long stretch-and-holds that loosen and energize your muscles.

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10-minute Morning Yoga: Full Body Stretch by Yoga With Cassandra

Enjoy this 10-minute yoga stretch session, meant to rejuvenate your body and work out any kinks or sore spots from a long night of sleep.

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Wake Up Yoga: 11-Minute Morning Yoga Practice by Yoga With Adriene

If you have 10 minutes, you have time for this morning practice by Yoga With Adriene. It's short, but it doesn't feel rushed as you move through simple twists and familiar positions like Child's Pose and Downward-Facing Dog.

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Morning Yoga Flow: 15 Minute Intermediate Wake Up by Boho Beautiful

One of my personal favorites, this gorgeous Boho Beautiful practice is a little more of a workout, sneaking in core exercises around relaxing stretch sequences.

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Morning Yoga: Energizing Wake Up Flow for Beginners by YogaTX

You start this practice with a long hold in Child's Pose, aka exactly what my sleepy body wants to do when it first gets out of bed. The rest of the stretches are basic but effective, making this quick flow a good choice for beginners.

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Morning Yoga for Energy & Flexibility by PsycheTruth

This 14-minute flow starts with a side stretch that opens up your chest and abdominals, then goes into back stretches like Cat-Cow and lots of hip-openers.