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45-Minute Elliptical Interval Workout

Time For the Elliptical! Try This Fat-Blasting Workout

What did we do before interval workouts? Alternating between quick boosts of pushing our bodies to the max with longer periods of recovery can make it easier to commit to a long workout on the elliptical — and it doesn't hurt that it blasts away belly fat. This easy-to-follow interval plan keeps things interesting, fast-paced, and challenging from start to finish. The 45 minutes will truly fly by!

Time Resistance SPM* Notes
00:00-05:00 3 130-140 Warmup
05:00-08:00 5 140-150
08:00-09:00 7 160-170 Sprint
09:00-12:00 5 150-160
12:00-13:00 8 160-170 Sprint
13:00-16:00 6 140-150
16:00-17:00 9 160-170 Sprint
17:00-20:00 5 150-160
20:00-21:00 7 170-180 Sprint
21:00-24:00 5 140-150
24:00-25:00 8 170-180 Sprint
25:00-28:00 6 150-160
28:00-29:00 9 170-180 Sprint
29:00-32:00 5 140-150
32:00-33:00 7 160-170 Sprint
33:00-36:00 6 140-150
36:00-37:00 8 170-180 Sprint
37:00-40:00 5 150-160
40:00-45:00 3 130-140 Cooldown

*SPM = strides per minute
Incline = 20 percent

Click here for an image-free printable so you can have this workout ready to go at the gym!

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kat Borchat
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