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Ben & Jerry's Moo-phoria Taste Test

We Tried Every Flavor of Ben & Jerry's Low-Cal Ice Cream, and Oh My God

Ben & Jerry's has heard the collective cry for lighter ice creams and came out swinging with its Moo-phoria collection. Three delicious flavors have hit shelves for under five bucks a pint: PB Dough (a fudgy ice cream with peanut-butter-flavored dough), Chocolate Milk & Cookies (chocolate and vanilla ice cream swirled together with mini chocolate chip cookies throughout), and Caramel Cookie Fix (vanilla ice cream with shortbread cookie gobs and salted caramel swirl).

B&J took out 60-70 percent of the fat from its classic pint formula and subtracted about 65 percent of the calories to create this lightened-up collection. While it's still roughly about double the calories of Halo Top (depending on the flavor, of course), we consider it a fine compromise if you're looking to cut back but still indulge. Here's how each flavor fared in our taste test (spoiler: we loved all three).

Chocolate Milk & Cookies

Calories per 1/2 cup serving: 140

  • Great cookie chunks.
  • Good mix, but not my fave combo.
  • Yum! The chocolate & vanilla combo with chocolate cookies wins my heart.
  • Milk and cookies is my fave regular B&J and this is delish, too! Not the same, but I'd take it.
  • My taste buds are dancing.
  • Wow I just got an entire cookie. I'm screaming.
  • Wow. So yum.

Caramel Cookie Fix

Calories per 1/2 cup serving: 150

  • Caramel fro-yo tasting!
  • Feels nice and light while also tasting rich and creamy.
  • The caramel swirl is so yummy but I don't love the ice cream itself.
  • Bore, snore, too vanilla.
  • Cookies in this too??? WOW.
  • Yum!

PB Dough

Calories per 1/2 cup serving: 160

  • The cookie dough chunks are SO yummy but there is a bit of an aftertaste.
  • Wow! One of my fave low-cal ice creams ever.
  • Got some yummy flavor right there!
  • I don't think this has an aftertaste. It's kind of like Reese's Puffs in ice cream form! Love it!
  • Mega chocolatey!! Dis my ish.
  • Super chocolatey and delicious.
  • SO chocolatey.

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