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There are definite perks to being a fitness editor, one being all the gear I get to test out. Yet somehow finding the perfect pair of workout leggings eluded me . . . until the Adidas Warp Knit Tights ($100) landed in front of me.

At first glance, I didn't have high hopes. The Warp Knit Tights looked really odd out of the packaging. The material was unlike anything I had previously encountered, and while the tag read "medium," there didn't seem to be enough material to cover a single thigh. But I tried them on anyway. Holy sh*t was I wrong. These leggings were magical.

Despite how tiny they looked in the package, they fit perfectly. They hug and give in all the right places . . . sort of like a second skin, but better. While I am not going as far as to say that I feel naked when wearing them, there's an invisibility to them. They don't restrict my movement, and I never have to tug or readjust them like I do with other leggings. And forgive my vanity for a moment, but they make my butt look incredible. I'm not alone in this. I've seen at least 50 women in these leggings, and I can safely say that they flatter every single body type I have seen them on. It's hard to explain, but it's as if the cut molds to your butt, your legs, and your waist to create the perfect tights — made just for you.


But a good pair of tights needs to do more than make you feel good, and these also hold up when it comes to performance. The waist is high enough to keep me comfortable and pulled in during workouts like yoga and indoor cycling but low enough not to dig into my waist while running or dancing. The material is super soft and the perfect amount of thickness. They're light enough that I never feel gross and covered in sweat, yet thick enough for me to feel confident that my leggings aren't see-through whenever I bend over. They also move with me, whether I am doing jump squats or Downward Dog.

Since that first day, I've had countless conversations with other women about our love for these tights. Every fitness editor I know is obsessed with how they make her feel when wearing them. We all seem to save them for our favorite workouts, washing them quickly after every use despite having a pile of other leggings to choose from. One editor shared with me that they have this ability to make her feel stronger because of the way they hold her body. And a friend once told me that she could eat an entire burrito while wearing her Warp Knits and somehow feel like she lost five pounds. If that's not a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is.

Image Source: Adidas
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