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Amie Posted These "Overexaggerated" Photos For This Important Reason

At first glance, you may not know what the point is of these Instagram photos. Amie-Jane Ward posted two side-by-side pictures that look pretty similar and underneath each of them it says, "Not me."

She included a caption underneath that said, "Both of these pictures are over exaggerated! They are both not me!" The post has already generated more than 6,000 "likes"; people are clearly loving her honesty.

She goes on to say that, aside from normally wearing more clothes than this, in the photo on the left, "I have forced my hips forward to give myself hip dips and the illusion of being bigger then what I am and the other is me pushing my hips back to give myself some shape!"


Amie told POPSUGAR that she posted these because she "wants to be honest." She doesn't think either photo is bad, but she wants to make the point to remember that we can create the way we look by the different positions we make with our bodies. She admits that some days she looks in the mirror standing in a weird way and thinks, "Wow I look big there then I turn a different way and think I look good."

She shared with us, "I catch myself in the mirror from different angles and I look different all the time!"

"People post their best selfies on social media because that's the society we live in and that's okay!" Amie continued. "But it's also good to be honest and real now and again to show that we're not all perfect... but we are all perfect in our own way in our own bodies... imperfectly perfect."

Keep in mind that different angles, lighting, and poses "can shape us in a way we are not 100%!!" Amie said, "Just always remember to love yourself no matter what you look like it's how you feel that will determine you happiness in life!"

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