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Are Belly Rolls Natural?

If You've Ever Felt Bad About Your Belly Rolls, You Need to Read This

Chi Pharm has penned a letter to the world, via her Instagram account, and we all need to hear it. She captions the above "transformation":

"Dear world: I have skin. I have fat.
Sometimes, my skin and fat combine to make rolls.
Sometimes, I eat a lot and my rolls double.
Sometimes, I don't eat as much and my rolls shrink.
Sometimes I lift weights and my rolls change shape.
Sometimes I run and my rolls change location."

We need to hear this over and over again so this message is louder than the crap we've been fed our entire lives about how there is only one way to look beautiful and that having fat is a bad thing.

"Dear world, my skin and fat and rolls are all as much a part of who I am as my eyes, or skin color, height. These are things that are natural. These are things that I embrace," Chi wrote. "Dear world, please stop telling me that it's unnatural to have skin and fat and rolls. Stop telling me that I have to blast it all away. Stop telling me that summer time means that I shouldn't have cellulite anymore. If you could, that would rock. If not.... #f*ckyourbeautystandards."

As human beings, we have fat, belly rolls, jiggly bits, squishiness, dimply skin, and stretch marks. It's time to stop trying to perfect our bodies, because what we look like isn't what we have to offer to the world.

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