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Bungee Workouts

The Latest Trendy Exercise Lets You Fly Around Like Peter Pan

Do you like to get a great workout without even realizing it? Of course you do — who wouldn't? The best way to forget you're exercising is by having fun, and bungee training is the new workout that can deliver as much fun as it does exercise. Just like Tabata training, it's guaranteed to burn loads of calories. Bungee training is literally flying into the fitness world. It's already been part of acts like Cirque du Soleil for years, and you can't make up how fit those performers are. Their ubertoned cores are no coincidence either. Bungee workouts are designed to tighten your tummy just as well as plank exercises! Ready to give it a try? Here's what you need to know to get started.

What is it?

You might have already done some kind of bungee training, but probably not like this. Instead of strapping up bungees to add resistance to running or side-shuffling, these bungees are designed to make some moves easier and others harder.

"Normally bungees or resistance bands make exercises more difficult, but when the bungee is anchored to the ceiling, the resistance completely changes," said Florida-based fitness expert Raphael Konforti. "The bungee is pulling you up, almost like an antigravity machine. So any exercises done underneath the bungee, like lunges, are actually easier. The catch is the further away from the anchor point you go, the more resistance you'll have to overcome to get there . . . . What's most appealing about bungee training is how much fun you have! Bungee training combines elements of dance and rhythm with your standard money-maker exercises like squats, lunges, planks, push-ups, and sprints."

Where can you do the bungee workout?

Bungee training is so new you shouldn't expect to walk in your average gym tomorrow and see a full bungee set ready for you to play on. Hybrid dance/fitness studios have taken the lead on bungee training, at least for now. These studios are your smartest option, since you want to make sure the bungee anchor is properly secured to a ceiling or bar. Your best bet is to start off taking a few classes to learn proper form and a few different workouts. Once you get the basics down, you can fly solo or take off with your flock.

Before you run off to take a class, make sure you've got the right outfit. To attach to the bungee — and stay in it — a full waist harness is used. You'll want to make sure you wear leggings or wedgie proof shorts that won't ride up (constantly pulling your shorts down seriously throws off your groove).

The last part of setup is choosing the right bungee. "Picking the right bungee is just as important as picking the right weight," said Konforti. "The thicker the bungee, the more resistance and assistance you'll get. In other words, a thicker bungee makes anything underneath the bungee easier (think
squat and push-up) but makes moving around much more challenging. If you have trouble sitting still or really want to run, jump, and fly around the room, it's best to pick a medium or light bungee. Otherwise, start off with a thicker bungee."

How strenuous is it?

By now you might be thinking, "Wait, so half the time the exercises are easier than with body weight and the other half I just frolic and dance around the room?" You're catching on. Even though it's more fun than an impromptu '90s dance party with your friends, it's still a workout.

"The workout is as tough as you want it to be. It really depends on how quickly you move," Konforti explained. "Typically, workouts use resistance from gravity by lifting weights, but bungee training changes the source of resistance so you'll quickly find you're training muscles you didn't even know you had. All the stabilizing and rotation makes it an incredible core workout without having to tediously count off reps . . . . Since this workout keeps you active and constantly moving in different directions, it's super easy to get a great cardio workout and burn calories. The best part is that most people don't even realize how hard they're working till they stop; it really is that much fun!"

It's core, cardio, and fun all in one. Stop staring at the clock during your workouts, waiting for them to be over. Sign up for a bungee class and fly your way through fitness. We guarantee the only time you'll look at the clock is to make sure you haven't been there for three hours!

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