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Are Cheat Meals OK When You Want to Lose Weight?

It's Time to Get Real About How Cheat Meals Are Impacting You

You've been going strong for two weeks on your clean-eating plan. You feel happier, your skin is the best it has ever looked, and then, BOOM. You've somehow ended up in your favorite pizza shop with an entire pie to yourself. You snap out of it, realizing the severity of your actions. YOU'VE LOST ALL YOUR PROGRESS. You then remember a philosopher once said, "consistency, balance, and honesty are the keys to happiness." Not really — although I'm sure this will end up in a book on living your healthiest life.

The truth is too many of us feel this way when it comes to being healthy. Eating quality, nutritionally dense foods are important, but one "bad" meal won't instantly make you unhealthy, and eating a Buddha Bowl once doesn't guarantee a lifetime of health. Personal trainer Sierra Nielsen shared the same sentiments with this post on her Instagram.

Take this as your friendly reminder that consistency and balance are two very important factors in achieving a lifetime of healthiness. Take the 80/20 lifestyle for example. Focus on eating clean 80 percent of the time and indulge 20 percent of the time, all while pursuing/maintaining your fitness goals!

Image Source: Sierra Nielsen
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