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Do You Wear Deodorant to Work Out?

A good sweat session is a must for so many reasons, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't make you stink. For many women, that means antiperspirant or deodorant is as essential to their gym outfit as a sports bra — especially if you're afraid of clearing out your kickboxing class with a bad case of BO or chafing under your arms while you work out.

We sweat for a reason: it helps cool us off and prevents overheating. Antiperspirants, unlike deodorant, can possibly hurt your workout, since they block sweat glands to prevent perspiration, but some experts say that even antiperspirants are OK as long as you don't feel overheated during a workout. In any case, how do you deal with underarm sweat during exercise: let it be, or take precautions?

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sfatima5925 sfatima5925 2 years

I really recommend this natural and organic, DIY ( call it home made or not) recipe that works really well for a deodorant .
All you need is :
1) Coconut oil
2) Corn Starch powder
( Make sure area is clean,dry, and hair-free, put on preferably after a shower,should last a day or two at the least)
1) Rub coconut oil real good
2) Powder/dust/rub on the corn starch powder
AND there ya have it:D! Awesome awesome AMAZING recipe!!!! Try it! Better than em chemical-filled deodorant sticks and sprays out there!

Hanna14496555 Hanna14496555 2 years

Goddamn hippies thinking pinterest deos made of coconut butter will be enough in my gym. Jesus Christ coconut stink

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