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Easy Jump-Rope Workouts

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What used to just be considered child's play is now a serious workout. We partnered with Lucy Activewear to show you how you can get a great jump-rope workout.

If you haven't incorporated jumping rope into your cardio routine yet, you're seriously missing out. Aside from the fact that you can get a rope for under $10, it torches serious calories (over 10 calories per minute), and it sculpts your legs, glutes, and shoulders and strengthens bones. Plus, it's lightweight, making it a great item for travel.

Feel like a kid again while getting a serious burn with the following moves.

Double Hop

This is a great warmup move. To do the exercise, jump one to two inches off the floor, just high enough that the rope slides under your feet. Keep elbows close to your sides and land evenly.

Ali Shuffle

This move is a little more advanced, but it can be done with a double hop in order to get the movement down. To start, place one foot in front of the other and jump twice before jumping over the rope and switching the positioning of your legs.

Jumping Jack

Jump over the rope and land with feet out wide as if you were doing a traditional jumping jack. On your next jump, land with your feet close together. Continue with one jump in between each rotation of the rope.

High Knees

Swing the rope over your head and jump as it passes your feet. Raise your left knee up toward your chest and land on your right foot. On the next rotation of the rope, switch legs so that you land on your left with your right knee raised.

The Skier Jump

As the rope passes underneath, jump laterally to the side with both feet shoulder-width apart. When the rope swings its way back around, jump to the other side (your starting point).

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Image Source: Courtesy of Lucy