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Fiber One Limited Edition Birthday Cake Bar

Fiber One Birthday Cake Bars Exist, So We Can All Sh*t Rainbow Sprinkles!

Listen up, party poopers: Fiber One is celebrating 10 years of chewy snacks with a limited edition birthday cake bar, and things are getting colorful. The cake bars are only 90 calories each and a bright spin on the delicious flavors we've seen in the past. If funfetti makes your eyes light up like it does ours, these health-conscious cake bars will do the same, each with five grams of fiber. But we're warning you: as tempting as it is, please don't eat the entire box, because speaking from personal experience, your stomach will hate you.

The bars were spotted by junk-food aficionado JunkBanter on Instagram, who snagged the birthday treats in the cereal aisle at Walmart earlier this week. With comments ranging from "so f*cking good" to "currently convincing myself this bar is worth violent stomach cramps," we recommend finding a nearby store where the bars are available and purchasing ASAP.

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