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First Person Completes American Ninja Warrior Final Course

The Amazing Obstacle 1 Person Conquered to Win $1 Million on American Ninja Warrior

In all of its amazing seven seasons, this is an absolute first on American Ninja Warrior! Professional rock climber Isaac Caldiero became the first American Ninja Warrior ever after completing the tough final course and won a hefty $1 million for his efforts.

Here's how American Ninja Warrior works. Competitors who win in their city go to Las Vegas to compete in the finals on Mount Midoriyama — remember Kacy Catanzaro was the first woman to advance past the finals. Until last night, no one had ever even completed Stage 3, but Isaac and his fellow competitor Geoff Britten made it. Since Isaac got a faster time on Stage 3, he opted to go second on Stage 4, the final stage. The only obstacle — and I say "only" lightly — was to climb a 75-foot rope in under 30 seconds. Geoff was actually the first to crush Stage 4, but sadly he gets no monetary rewards, just the satisfaction that he was number one. Since Isaac got a faster time (start the video at six minutes to see this jaw-dropping feat), he goes home with the dough, which is quite a lot for a former busboy. Congrats to both Isaac and Geoff for completing the tough course!

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