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The Fitness Marshall Dance Tutorial Video

The Fitness Marshall Launched Dance Tutorial Videos, and They're as Hilarious as You'd Expect

If you're as obsessed with The Fitness Marshall dance cardio videos as we are, you're going to love the new tutorial channel that helps break down the moves even more so you can become a dancing QUEEN.

While you don't have to be any kind of expert to do these all-levels dances (Caleb always says that if his grandma can't do the dance, it's too hard!), if you really do want to take it to the next level, the tutorials will help. Learn the ins and outs of the amazingly fierce hip-hop dance to "Bartier Cardi" and master it so you can crush your five-minute cardio workout in style.

And these tutorials (so far!) are just as hilarious and fun to watch and listen to as the dances themselves. Caleb even teaches some moves from one of our favorite videos, "Work" by Rihanna (remember the serving dishes move?).

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