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Funny Pictures of T-Rex Doing CrossFit

This Is What a T-Rex Doing CrossFit Looks Like — You're Welcome

CrossFit's meteoric rise in popularity has made it so that everyone from pregnant women to younger kids is safely adopting its strengthening exercises. Now, even a T-rex is trying it out.

OK, so it's not a real T-rex, as you most definitely should have guessed based on geological history and whatnot. At CrossFit 817 in Forth Worth, TX, a member sported a dinosaur costume while going through their usual workout with hilarious results, of course.

One incredible video in particular, included in the series of shots below, shows the T-rex dismounting a rowing machine as other members stand by and understandably crack up. In another shot, they manage to complete a full handstand while wearing the bulky suit! This might be the most ridiculous fitness trend we've seen in a while, but it's also our favorite. Check it out below and you'll see why.

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