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Gunnar Peterson New Year's Resolution Advice

A Celebrity Trainer Says to Do This If You Want to Crush Your Fitness Goals in the New Year

Shot of an attractive young woman stretching while out for a run in nature

If you're ready to crush your fitness goals in the New Year, Gunnar Peterson, NASM-certified trainer, CSCS, MitoQ partner, wants you to "start slow" and "build up to it" to accomplish your goals.

"Where most people fall off is that they try to do too much right out of the gate," Gunnar said. This typically leads to frustration and giving up, he explained. Instead, Gunnar recommends gradually building up to a large goal to prevent losing motivation and feeling stressed. If you're beginning to work with a trainer, Gunnar said to book a few sessions initially and add on instead of booking too many sessions and feeling bad about needing to cancel them for various reasons.

This advice can be applied to any fitness goal you may have. If you want to run a marathon, don't plan to run 20 miles in your first week of training. Start smaller with a 20-minute run, then do a few miles, and work your way up to a 20-mile week.

Whatever your goals may be, Gunnar said to get more sleep to aid in recovery, hydrate, and take a quality supplement like MitoQ or a multivitamin of your choice. Now, it's time to crush your 2019 goals.

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