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Healthy Living Resolutions For 2017

Is your New Year's resolution all about living a clean lifestyle? We partnered with Macerich Shopping Centers to show you how.

If I had to decide right now whether I was a healthy person or not, I'd take my pen and circle the word healthy. I work out, I scrutinize everything I buy in the market, and I elect to remain calm when I'm overwhelmed . . . even when what I want to do is scream. But when I was tasked to spend the first 30 days of 2017 really being healthy, I blinked. Aren't I already?

Being healthy is subjective, sure, but it's something I can half do. Meaning, I can commit to being healthy when it's convenient and decide not to be when I just want to scarf down a burger loaded with cheese and bacon (no bun, because: healthy). But I don't want to be a half-healthy person. So after considering what spending 30 days being truly healthy might entail, I nodded. I was game.

Follow me to see what I learned after spending an entire month fully committing to a balanced lifestyle. Through yoga, meditation, and clean eating, I learned three key takeaways that made the experience worth trying.

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