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Hill Training on Treadmill

A Butt-Toning Treadmill Workout That Only Takes 10 Minutes

Despite the up-and-down terrain of San Francisco, I somehow manage to avoid any and all hills when out on a run. This won't be the case when I'm running the Nike Women's Marathon, especially at mile 10. Because of time constraints, weather, and the like, I'm not always able to make it outside for my training runs (or get somewhere that has a hill in its path), but this treadmill challenge from Barry's Bootcamp trainer Alycia Stevenin helps bring the hills inside.

A mix of running on flat terrain and uphill, it's a great 10 minutes to throw into my usual treadmill run, or I'll repeat the workout four to five times for a full session. I appreciate that the hills aren't a constant because it's much like what I'll encounter outdoors. Alycia adds that depending on your needs, you can play with the frequency and length of each hill, or even the incline. Keep in mind that most hills that you find outside will fall between a four- to eight-percent incline on the treadmill.

Time Pace (MPH) Incline
00:00-1:00 6 0%
1:00-2:00 6 6%
2:00-3:00 6 0%
3:00-4:00 8-10 0%
4:00-5:00 3-4 0%
5:00-6:00 7 0%
6:00-7:00 7 6%
7:00-8:00 7 0%
8:00-9:00 8-10 0%
9:00-10:00 3-4 0%
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