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How to Start Loving Yourself

Reading the Text on These Photos Will Inspire Some Much-Needed Self-Love

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Why do we do this? Why do we talk so negatively to ourselves? Veronica felt compelled to post these side-by-side photos because she feels it's so important to talk about in today's society. With so much pressure to look a certain way or take up a certain amount of space, it can make us feel pretty bad about ourselves and say negative things we'd never dare utter to our best friend.

Veronica has finally figured out a way to be more body positive. She shared, "Until this day, I could say the last time I felt this confident and good about myself was when I was a child! Those were the times when we didn't care about things like appearance. We cared about what made us happy and how we felt." She went on to say, "A six pack, big butt or fake boobs won't bring you happiness or a piece of mind. It doesn't matter how you physically are, because it won't change the way you think or see yourself."

We agree when Veronica said, "Our minds can be our worst enemy. It all starts within. With you appreciating yourself and fully loving yourself." That's easier said than done, because these are pretty deep-rooted habits we have. Looking in the mirror and immediately pinching our belly rolls or frowning at our backside are things we often do without even thinking about it.


The best way to stop negative body image is to put an end to the behaviors that support it. Instead of looking down and thinking, "I hate the cellulite on my thighs" (that most of us have, BTW!), say, "Wow, my thighs look strong today." Find a way to turn a negative comment around, so you feel good about it. Or bring attention to the things you love about yourself — and they don't have to do with how you look.

Veronica included the quote, "Stop hating yourself for everything you aren't. Start loving yourself for everything that you are." Write those words on your bathroom mirror, in your journal, in your fitness notebook, or on a piece of paper you keep in your gym bag or wallet. It'll take time to undo the negativity we tend to easily shower ourselves with, but gradually, you can replace it with some much-needed, and much-deserved, self-love.

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