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How to Style Hair After the Gym

Hair Hacks to Get You From Gym to Party

You don't have to skip out on a quick trip to the gym if you've got fancy plans later. Here's how to wrangle your tresses into holiday party hair with just a little prep before your workout and a few minutes in the locker room.

Put it up: The less sweaty your hair, the faster and easier it'll be to style into glam party hair. Use nonslip, no-dent hair ties like these from Emi Jay to pull your hair up into a topknot that won't have bumps and dents in it when you take it down. Or, you can leave it in a topknot — just blow-dry your hairline and tame flyaways with gel or styling cream — for a sleek updo that works with many festive outfits.

Braid it: A few minutes spent braiding your hair before a workout will create ready-to-go waves afterward. A french braid, headband braid, or braided pigtails will keep hair in place and give you a head start on styling. Check out these workout-friendly hairstyles for more inspiration. After undoing your braids, work in a textured beach-wave spray for hair that looks purposely undone.

Use the right product: Need a little help on how to create the perfect after-gym hair? POPSUGAR Beauty has you covered. Learn how to use the blow-dryer, antifrizz serum, and dry shampoo to tame flyaways and create glam volume before you head out with these tips on how to style sweaty hair after a workout.

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