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How to Warm Up and Cool Down in Indoor Cycling Class

This Is the Best Way to Warm Up and Cool Down For an Indoor Cycling Class

We're pretty in love with indoor cycling, if you couldn't tell. It's such a fun addition to a well-rounded workout routine, especially when you've got a killer playlist and an even better instructor. The energy in the room can totally take your cardio workout to the next level, and you leave the studio feeling like a whole new person.

To make sure we're getting the most out of our workout — and staying safe! — we asked an expert about the best way to warm up for and cool down from an intense cycling sesh. Tevia Celli, longtime instructor and director of class experience at CycleBar, told us that it's more simple than we thought!

The key? Getting there a little early and not running out before the cooldown. Seriously. It's that simple. Give yourself a little extra time, and don't be in such a rush — your body and brain will thank you for that.


Warm Up

"The best way to warm up for an indoor cycling class is to get on the bike a few minutes prior to the start of class," said Tevia. "Pedal slowly with light resistance, sit up straight and take some deep breaths as your heart rate begins to rise. After a minute or two, increase your pace and add a little more resistance. Keep pedaling until class starts!"

We'd also recommend getting a good quad and calf stretch in!

Cool Down

The best way to cool down after a cycling class is to stay sitting and slow your legs down," she said. "Do not jump off the bike right at the end of any class! You want to bring your heart rate down before you stop pedaling, which means you should gradually slow your legs down and breathe for a minute or two."

To get started, "Take a few deep breathes on the bike while slowing your legs down. Bring your hands behind your back and interlace your fingers. Once your heart rate has come down, make sure you participate in the post-workout stretch."

She told us that "You want to stretch out your hamstrings, quads, calf muscles, hips, and back once you hop off of the bike."

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