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Mental Health Day Instagram

This World Mental Health Day, Milli Is Asking You to "Check on Your Strong Friends"

Today is World Mental Health Day, and Milli Smith posted these photos to her Instagram page as "a friendly reminder to check on your strong friends." With over 176,000 followers, Milli is always finding ways to raise awareness about mental health issues and encouraging people to take care of themselves, especially in the face of stress and anxiety.

In honor of World Mental Health Day, Milli's latest post is a reminder that, no matter how people may look from the outside, everyone deserves to be cared for by their friends and family. Here's what she wrote:

✔️Check on the friends who seem to have their shit together.
✔️Check on the friends who seem to be kicking life's ass.
✔️Check on the friend who is there for everyone else.

POPSUGAR caught up with Milli to ask about this inspiring post, which has already garnered more than 6,600 "likes." "I was inspired to post it to break stigma and open up ignorant opinions on mental health," she said. She feels that our mental health is so important and every single one of us "needs support and love," not just the people who seem sad or lonely. Some days we may act happier or stronger than other days, but Milli said, "It doesn't mean we don't need to check the crap out of our mental health and make sure we take care of it."


Milli's advice for anyone reading this is to "not be ashamed of your struggles and who you are" and to remember that "you are never alone." So think of all the people in your life and show them your support by giving a little extra love, being a little extra kind, and finding ways to show you care. Even the smallest gesture can mean the world to someone.

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