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Rose Gold APL TechLoom Phantom Pro

These Rose Gold Sneakers Are Selling Out For a Very Good Reason

Our obsession with APL sneakers continues, especially with the TechLoom Phantom Pro. Our newest favorite sneaker is the hot commodity of the moment and they're selling out in all colorways, but particularly of note is just how lightning fast the new rose gold ones ($185) are flying off the digital shelves.

What makes them so special? Aside from the aesthetic (which, to be honest, is what drew most of us in), these sneakers are impossibly comfortable and surprisingly supportive. So not only will you be getting a thousand and one people asking, "What are those?? Where did you get them?", but your feet will feel so good when you run or work out. Plus, this unique rosy-neutral color with subtly metallic shimmer in the fabric threads is sure to catch anyone's attention, sneakerhead or otherwise.

As we mentioned in our previous review, these shoes are built for running, but they can work for other activities, too. In a hybrid or mixed-format class that incorporates running and weight training (like Speedplay, Barry's Bootcamp, and Orangetheory), the TechLoom Phantom Pro is ideal. They're a little flatter to the ground, not bulky, and they have a wider toe box and an ultrasnug fit thanks to a one-piece neoprene upper, all providing excellent stability and support.

Buuuut here's the deal — like we said earlier, they're selling out like crazy. These only debuted a couple weeks ago and they're almost gone. As of now, there are a few sizes left in women's on the APL website, as well as men's — and a few more on Bandier's site, Revolve's site and Zappos Luxury. The good news? If you can't find your size, there appears to be a restock wait list. All we can say is jump on that IMMEDIATELY.

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