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Ways to Increase Your Sex Drive

8 Natural (and Effective!) Ways to Make Your Sex Drive Skyrocket

Low on libido? Don't worry; you're not alone. Despite how taboo the topic might seem, we've all been there before and can attest to how frustrating that feeling can be when your sex drive dips down a bit . . . or even plummets. But rest assured there is a light at the end of this deep, dark, desireless tunnel, and we're here to lead the way. So if you're itching to shimmy more under the sheets, below are eight ways to get your mojo back!

1. Chill now, Netflix later. Life is stressful, plain and simple. But just as sex therapist Vanessa Marin explains, "When you're feeling stressed out, it's extremely difficult to get aroused." Therefore, it is vital to uncover ways in which you and your partner can simply chill out together. No emails, no texts, no digital distractions; just the two of you enjoying each other's company. Because as Marin goes on to state, "If you want to have a happy and healthy sex life, you have to create the space in your life for it."

2. Break a sweat. We all know working out does wonders on your mind, body, and soul. But did you know it can also lead to a more fulfilling and active sex life? That's right; breaking a sweat on a regular basis will not only tone those muscles and increase your strength and endurance, but studies have shown exercising will also help you feel more in touch with your body and make you more easily turned on.

And if you're looking to switch up your workout routine, consider giving "sexercise" a try!

3. Get hooked on greens. Another way to increase your sex drive is by taking a good look at your diet. According to a recent study, high cholesterol has been linked to difficulty in arousal. See, any buildup of cholesterol in the arteries can cause restriction in blood flow. (Yes, even to your pelvic area.) This can lead to less sensation, ultimately making it harder to reach the Big O. Therefore, go green and eat clean! Here are lots of healthy recipes to get you started.

More so, the next time you sit down for a romantic dinner, add some fresh herbs to your dish. Basil has been known to stimulate senses, and garlic will guarantee an increase in blood flow since it contains high levels of allicin.

4. Add fire to your fuel, too. When fueling your body with good, clean food, don't forget to add some spice. While chili peppers are often associated with heat and passion, they're also acclaimed for lifting your libido, as they contain a chemical compound called capsaicin. So if you can stand the sizzle — the hotter the pepper, the higher the capsaicin concentration — there's no denying you'll reap the rewards.

5. Wean off the wine. Although many of us have a tendency to categorize wine with romance, too much of it — or any alcohol, for that matter — is sure to zap your sex drive. (Read: it can also inhibit your ability to orgasm.) So do yourself a favor and save the sipping until after you've reached your sexual happy place.

6. Nix the nicotine. Aside from causing detrimental damage to your lungs, lighting up a cigarette can also wreak havoc on your sex life. Because smoking leads to a narrowing of the arteries, it essentially depletes your blood circulation of oxygen, decreasing blood flow in all areas of the body . . . including your pelvis. So if you want to uncover a greater appetite for sex, nix the nicotine ASAP.

7. Embrace the exploration. An additional way to kick your sex drive into high gear is to examine how you feel about sexuality. Just as sexual wellness coach Lauren Brim explains, it's vital for a woman not only to get to know her own body, but also to discover her sexual mind and spirit. "I think when women start to give themselves time to explore sex, really start to become curious, they will discover a sexuality that can't be turned off."

She suggests exploring all different types of orgasms and embracing the exploration through masturbation. By engaging in different masturbation techniques, you'll quickly get a sense of what your body responds to best and can then let your partner in on all your key findings.

8. Prioritize play. Despite how unappealing sex might sound after a long day or during a low-libido period, nine times out of 10 it's exactly what's needed to get you out of the rut. Plus, the more sex you have, the better you'll feel and the easier it will be to become regularly aroused. So whether you need to schedule your next steamy session or embark on a sizzling seven-day challenge, make sex a priority.

There's no doubt your libido will thank you, too!

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