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What to Wear to Different Workout Classes

POPSUGAR / advertiser content from / CALIA by Carrie Underwood

Like targeted workouts, all fitness clothes are not created equal. We've partnered with CALIA by Carrie Underwood to share the pieces that one editor wears to each of her favorite New York fitness classes.

I have a fitness confession to make, and it's one I'm not necessarily proud of. I'm a boutique fitness class addict. Yes, I (and for sure my bank account) know there are other ways to stay active, but I just can't help but be obsessed.

Maybe it's the energy in those intimate Spin rooms or the blaring music of my blacklit boxing studio that keeps me coming back. Maybe it's the accountability that comes with booking a nonrefundable spot in a pricey after-work class. Or perhaps I just enjoy the friendly competition of my like-minded, impressively outfitted peers. It's qualities like these that I've struggled to find at a regular gym, and they've taken me on a tour of New York's buzziest workout classes. Now there's no going back.

But beyond discovering the most painfully result-producing glute exercise ever and striking the perfect balance between strength training and cardio, one of the biggest takeaways I've learned is that wearing different clothes for each one really matters. Levels of support, mobility, and even the right color palettes to match the vibe are key. Ahead, I'm revealing which four New York City fitness classes I frequent and the pieces I wear to truly maximize each one.