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What's Your Favorite Place to Work Out?

Where Would You Rather Work Out: Inside or Outdoors?

Now that warmer weather is here, you'll have to excuse us for being way too excited about all the upcoming activities that will be filling our weekends. Bike rides, hikes, and beach runs — we'll take them all. What about you? Whether you suit up no matter what the weather or you'd rather take your favorite indoor cycling class than take your bike on the road, we'd like to know: where do you like working out most, inside or out?

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apitt apitt 3 years

Indoors! In the group fitness room, sweating to great music along with other people. Thanks! Ashley

kmorse0097 kmorse0097 3 years

It depends. There are days where I crave the treadmill or the spin bike, but then there are days where all I want is some fresh air. But more often than not, I prefer to be outside. :)

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