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Why You Should Work Out on Vacation

Why I Always Make Time to Work Out While on Vacation

Did someone say vacation? I go on vacation about every six months. Tropical dream or city scene? Count me in for both. As someone whose workout plan typically follows a pattern of exercising four to five times a week, I like being able to indulge in all the best eats my destination might have to offer. Relaxing is also a pastime I take very seriously, but even so, here are the three reasons I still work out while on vacation.

1. My body won't need to reset once I return home.

My experience has been that taking a week-long break from working out isn't going to set me back in terms of exercise goals, but these breaks have caused my body to need to get back in the groove of working out once I'm home from vacation. Working out on vacation allows my body to continue my usual pattern of activeness so that I am ready to continue once I come home.

2. It can be easy.

I've found it's harder to not be active on vacation than it is to find time to work out. If you're worried that setting aside time to complete your workout might take away from the enjoyment of being on vacation, try thinking about the activities you already have planned and how they could be tweaked to serve as a workout.

You could turn a morning walk to get coffee into a walk around the town to discover what's local to you (coffee still recommended); a dip in the pool could be made into a full-body workout with underwater jumping jacks, treading water, and pool laps; and a bus tour could be replaced with a bike tour.

Lastly, a simple call to the hotel concierge will be able to tell you if your hotel offers a gym amenity. If not, they might have a recommendation for a gym nearby.

3. Surprisingly, it can be relaxing.

I've always found it peaceful to see a destination for the first time or from a new perspective. Working out while on vacation gives me the opportunity to appreciate wherever I'm at in a new way. Whether I am doing yoga on a beach, running through a city, or taking in my outdoors by bringing my no-equipment workout outside, my vacation workout gives me the opportunity to explore wherever I'm at.

These vacation experiences are unique to me, and while I work out during my vacations, it's important to remember that everyone is different. We all have varying exercise, nutrition, and vacation plans (and goals!). My biggest piece of encouragement is to listen to your body and find what works best for you.

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