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Wolfgang Puck Vegan Oscars Dishes on Ellen DeGeneres Show

Watch Wolfgang Puck Make an Award-Worthy Spread For Any Oscars Party — It's Completely Vegan!

Oscars night is a huge deal for every star nominated for an award, but it's also a big event for Wolfgang Puck. The celebrity chef is heading into his 25th year of cooking for the film industry's A-listers, and he stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to share some of the vegan dishes he'll be serving on Sunday. So, what's on the menu? Turns out wine and cheese certainly isn't the only thing you can serve at your own Oscars viewing party. Although there was definitely wine — we can thank Diane Keaton for that (she sipped her own wine brand).

First up is apple "sushi" rolls that Wolfgang made by putting an opal apple through an apple corer to get paper-thin sheets. He added crunchy fillings like celery and fennel and rolled each one up before slicing them into bite-size pieces to dip into dressing. Next, he put together a flavorful vegan pasta with a vibrant sauce of olive oil, garlic, spinach, crushed tomatoes, capers, stock, red pepper flakes for a little heat, and pesto on top for a pop of green. Ellen, who eats a mostly plant-based diet, approved.

Wolfgang also showed off a dessert spread complete with tons of vegan cookies and a gorgeous pavlova made with aquafaba (aka magical chickpea liquid) instead of egg whites. If you're toasting to the big night with your own group of friends, these ideas are easy enough to recreate. "All you have to do is make it for a thousand people and you're done," Wolfgang joked.

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