I Tried AKT’s On-Demand Workouts, and Sweaty Is an Understatement

Streaming my favorite exercise classes at home is a completely different experience than taking that same exact class in the physical studio — in positive and negative ways.

Take Pilates, for example. At home, I love that I'm less insecure about my lack of flexibility, but I also really miss that on-site correction when I'm certain my form is lacking.

So, when I found out that AKT (a class I already love) has an on-demand platform called AKT GO filled with all the dynamic in-studio offerings — toning, cardio, dance, and strength classes — I knew I needed to try it for myself.

I only have a few in-person classes under my belt, and I can confidently say I'm obsessed with the experience. But, after streaming AKT GO, would I prefer doing this workout at home by myself instead?

Before getting started, I reached out to AKT Master Trainer Alissa Tucker for some advice on taking AKT at home as a beginner.

AKT offers four class types, but Tucker says you should choose whatever inspires you because there's really something for everyone.

"If you want to start with a low-impact workout, I would suggest TONE. If you love to dance, pick one of our DANCE workouts! If dancing isn't so much your thing (yet), but you still want a killer full-body workout with cardio and strength intervals, try CIRCUIT or SWEAT. I encourage you to try all four class types and try to get at least one of each in per week for optimal results," she says.

With that advice, I chose a 45-minute Circuit video — a full-body class that includes cardio and strength moves. Note: there are many different Circuit classes on the platform, so you're not limited to just one strength and cardio class.

My biggest concern with trying AKT at home was not having an instructor to correct my mistakes, especially because I'm always worried about injuries and form when lifting weights.

Tucker told me that the AKT GO classes are filmed just like you're taking the class in the studio, and to expect very clear and detailed directions for each move. The AKT GO Circuit videos I tried at home did, in fact, emulate the vibe you get in the studios. As we cycled through circuits of the same strength and cardio moves, the trainers continued to demo and announce best practices as the tempo changed.

Because there was so much set up before a move, I wasn't as concerned about potentially pulling a muscle.

Tucker explained that one "benefit to trying it at home first is that you can practice in the comfort of your own home and then feel like an AKT Pro the first time you step in the studio."

At home, I felt more comfortable breaking or stopping to catch my breath. Because I wasn't worried about comparing myself to others, I paused the video and studied moves to ensure I was getting it right. By the end of the 45-minute class, the sweat dripping off my face confirmed the at-home class was a challenge.

The only thing I didn't like about AKT GO at home wasn't related to AKT at all. I don't have a ton of space to exercise and only own 2 lb. and 10 lb. dumbbells, so I had to make some modifications during the segment. Luckily, I was given a heads up because each video notes exactly what you'll need — for some classes, that's just your body and a water bottle.

Right now, access to AKT GO is $20 a month (a $15 discount), which is a great deal considering there are a ton classes on the platform that you can do at any time.

If on-demand classes have you missing the energy of an in-person class, AKT GO in your living room is the next best thing.

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