Ballet Dancers Have the Most Stunning Instagram Grids — Here Are 27 You Need to Follow

Pointed toes, colorful tutus, strong legs and arms holding practically impossible poses while still looking incredibly graceful — yeah, ballerinas are basically superheroes with even more amazing outfits! Like many young children, I grew up dreaming of being a ballerina. Now, I showcase my appreciation for this art form by taking barre classes and watching The Nutcracker every year.

But my favorite way to enjoy ballet? Following amazing real-life ballerinas on Instagram! These talented dancers know that ballet isn't just limited to the stage; they will pirouette and sashay and grande jeté at home, at the park, at the beach, in the streets of New York City, and anywhere else they can think of — all while wearing gorgeous dresses, leotards, or even pajamas. Check out some of the most amazing ballet dancers that you need to follow on Instagram ahead.

Misty Copeland (@mistyonpointe)

As a principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre — the first Black woman to be promoted in the company's history — Misty Copeland has a lot of inspiring content on her page. From beautiful photo shoots and behind-the-scenes looks at her life to her Swans For Relief organization that raises money for dancers struggling during this challenging time, following this ballerina is sure to be an uplifting experience.

Isabella Boylston (@isabellaboylston)

She's beautiful, she's funny, and she's bored at home just like you. Isabella Boylston, a principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre, shares photos of her doing ballet at home, on the lake, while hiking, and in major productions. She also started the Ballerina Book Club, so be prepared to discover your next new read while on her page as well.

Tiler Peck (@tilerpeck)

If you start spontaneously dancing while on Tiler Peck's Instagram page, that's totally normal. This principal dancer of the New York City Ballet — and author of Katarina Ballerina — hosts weekly Instagram Live classes (#turnitoutwithtiler), so you can dance with a world-class ballerina from the comfort of your living room.

Sara Mearns (@saramearns)

Like her fellow dancers and loyal fans, Sara Mearns misses the theater. In fact, this principal dancer with the New York City Ballet recently hugged the outside of the David H. Koch Theater, which hosts the company, and documented it for Instagram. Follow her for more relatable content and beautiful throwback shots of her past shows.

Hee Seo (@heeseoabt)

Whether she's in full costume on stage or in her pajamas at home, Hee Seo is always beautiful. Follow this American Ballet Theatre principal dancer (and founder of the Hee Seo Foundation, which gives grants to dance students) to see everything from pictures of her on pointe and snapshots of her world travels to cute photos of her kids.

Ashley Bouder (@ashleybouder)

Self-proclaimed feminist and equality seeker Ashley Bouder is making moves on stage and in the fight for equal rights. She is a principal dancer in the New York City Ballet and the founder of the Ashley Bouder Project, dedicated to the inclusion of women and marginalized people in leadership roles in the performing arts. Follow her to see all of her exceptional content every day.

Dores André (@doresandre)

Dores André has a unique aesthetic on her Instagram. She is a fan of artistic angles, unique videos, and topless photo shoots. And, as a principal dancer with the San Francisco Ballet, she has plenty of amazing content from past shows to share as well.

Sasha De Sola (@sashadesola)

Sure, Sasha De Sola is a principal dancer with the San Francisco Ballet, but her Instagram shows another side of her — traveling with her adorable dog, working out at home, and making silly videos. Her posts reflect her personality: simply delightful!

Lauren Cuthbertson (@londonballerina)

When she isn't sharing pictures on stage, Lauren Cuthbertson, a principal dancer with the Royal Ballet in London, is offering behind-the-scenes insights into her dressing room, mom life, and her home workouts.

Amy Harris (@amyharris_7)

As a principal dancer for the Australian Ballet and a mom of two, Amy Harris often posts pictures of her pointe work, her life at home, mask-wearing selfies, and throwback pictures in gorgeous costumes.

Barbara-Anne (@ballerina.barbaraanne)

Whether she's hiking, hanging out with horses, or chilling at home, Barbara-Anne is probably doing ballet. Beautiful pictures in various unique settings fill her grid.

Chantal' Ashantè Hill (@chantal_ashante)

Amazing ballet moves with a side of inspirational quotes fill Chantal' Ashantè Hill's Instagram. Known as the Spiritual Ballerina, she shares stunning poses with Bible-verse captions.

Mary Helen Bowers (@balletbeautiful)

This gorgeous mom of two often shares photos of her doing arabesques or other ballet moves with her daughters. Follow her to see adorable pictures that mix the grace of ballet with the grit of mom life, as well as tips on doing at-home workouts.

Olivia Samantha (@oliviasamanthaa)

She texts, she reads, she hikes — all while doing ballet. This graceful and quirky ballerina posts a mix of relatable and classically beautiful content.

Roberto Bolle (@robertobolle)

This principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre has posted pictures of him doing ballet on stage, striking poses at the beach, and soaring through the air at the Colosseum in Rome.

Ashley Gartner (@ashley.en.avant)

Ashley Gartner has the cutest little workout partners: a dog and a cat who show up in many of her Instagram pictures. Follow her to see the bright pictures she takes at home, as well as glimpses of paintings she works on in her spare time.

Hannah (@ballerinafarm)

When Hannah traded her ballet slippers for cowboy boots, she didn't let that stop her from dancing. Follow her for cute insights into farm life, dance life, and even being-a-mom-to-five-kids life.

Elisabeth Beyer (@ibsiesballerina)

Soar to new heights — or, at least, watch Elisabeth Beyer do it — by following this Instagram account. Her leaps, twirls, and poses are sure to brighten your feed.

Mikayla Gyfteas (@mikayla_ballerina)

Dancing in flowy dresses is one of Mikayla Gyfteas's favorite things to do, as evidenced by her beautiful Instagram. Follow her for graceful poses at the airport or frolicking in the grass outside.

Anna Ol (@anna.ol_ballet)

Bright red tutus, extralong scarves, sheer skirts — no matter what Anna Ol is wearing, this Dutch National Ballet principal dancer is sure to impress you. Her fashion and grace are so admirable!

Lilia Kaliko (@lilia.kaliko)

Ballet looks beautiful, but it also takes an insane amount of skill. Many of Lilia Kaliko's pictures show this challenging side of the art form, with unique angles and interesting behind-the-scenes insights.

Elliana Walmsley (@ellianawalmsley_)

This ballerina is used to the spotlight — she's appeared in three seasons of Dance Moms and one season of Dancing With the Stars: Juniors, and she played Clara in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Follow her to add a little flair to your day.

Annique Roberts (@annicue)

Bold moves, colorful outfits, and powerful lines fill the grid of Annique Roberts's Instagram. This New York University dance instructor has fun, and it shows throughout her photos.

Dai Jiyan (@dai_jiyan_dancer)

Dai Jiyan, a principal dancer with Texas Ballet Theater, likes to travel the world when he isn't on the stage. Follow him for a glimpse into all of his adventures.

Sofia Evtushenko (@sofiaevtushenko_)

Serene is the best way to describe this dancer, as her stunning pictures evoke a sense of calm in the viewer. Follow her to see her pretty poses over water, in front of colorful backdrops, and in the studio.

Isaac Martin (@isaacxmartin)

Isaac Martin has over 21,000 followers due to his strong and creative dance poses. Although sometimes he features a partner, his solo shots showcasing his own beauty and skill are the best.

Patricia Zhou (@patricia_zhou)

Patricia Zhou doesn't just post cool pictures of herself doing ballet — she also teaches online classes so anyone can join her in the joy of dancing!