10 Celebs Share Their Awe-Inspiring Abs — and the Exact Moves That Helped Them Get There

Our Instagram feeds are filled celebrity workouts, and we couldn't be happier about it. Stars like Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, and Kelly Rowland are constantly blessing us with ab inspiration and showing off new, effective moves we've never seen before. Obviously, they also look amazing doing it. So if you're looking for unique exercises and serious inspiration, we recommend you keep on reading: we've picked out some of our fave celebrity ab moves and workouts to get your core shaking!


Kelly Rowland's Crunch Variation Produced Mesmerizing Abs

We love Kelly Rowland's pink workout set almost as much as this Bosu ball crunch variation. Her form is on point, and then she adds a weight to make it even harder!


Confirmed: Kelly's Abs Are the Real Deal


Storm Reid Gets Her Lower Abs Working

This dynamic exercise is all lower abs and so hard to do. The Euphoria actress is nailing it!


Storm's Hanging Crunches Are Next Level Challenging

This hanging knee raise variation is another amazing lower-ab move, and Storm makes it even more difficult by adding a twist to activate her obliques.


Brie Larson Devours a Donut For Nailing This Reverse Crunch

Obviously Captain Marvel has a super strong core. The reverse crunch is not for the faint of heart, and Brie Larson totally crushed it! We don't blame her for grabbing a donut after.


Candace Cameron Bure Takes a Sliding-Leg Push-Up to the Next Level

Fuller House star Candace Cameron Bure hits her triceps and core with this one move. Just try holding that low push-up position for long enough to slide your feet apart; your abs (and arms) will never feel the same!


Candace Targets Her Glutes and Abs With 1 Resistance Band Move

The resistance band makes this exercise a great glute burner, and Candace is also holding a knees-down side plank at the same time. We can't blame her husband for opting out!


Ellen Does This Plank Workout Before Her Show, and We're Sold

No better way to warm up for your own talk show than by crushing a few ab moves. Ellen's ab workout is simple but effective, and a few rounds will have your core shaking.


Kate Hudson Doing . . . Something Crazy on a Pilates Reformer

Don't know exactly what's going on here, but judging by that slow speed and how loudly Kate Hudson is singing "Shallow," this move is really hard.

Halle Berry Always Gives Us Ab Inspiration
Instagram | halleberry

Halle Berry Always Gives Us Ab Inspiration

Halle Berry is the goddess of Instagram workouts – follow her Story to catch her Fitness Friday every week! Try this famous five-move circuit at your own risk; it is seriously challenging.


Hilary Swank Pairs Upper-Body Row With a Plank

Holding a plank for this long is hard enough, and then Hilary Swank went and added an upper-body row. Serious respect.


Britney Spears Does Seated Knee Tucks For Max Core Strength

Seated knee tucks are hard enough as it is, so of course Britney Spears went and did them on a bench to add an extra element of balance and stability.


Jennifer Lopez Keeps Perfect Form to Engage Her Abs

J Lo gets a little bit of everything in her workouts, and she works her core in almost every move here by keeping her abs engaged. You can really see it during her weighted reverse crunches. She really activates her abs to lift her chest!