16 Badass Female Trainers to Inspire Your Sweat Sessions This Black History Month

Now that it's February and our New Year's resolutions have admittedly fizzled out, we're in dire need of a little motivation. There's no better way to push ourselves mentally and physically than with the help of 16 badass female trainers this Black History Month. These women have such diverse backgrounds, and even a diverse range of ages, but their ability to get you off the couch and in the best shape of your life is consistent among them all. Keep reading to find out more about each of these women and find the workout plan that works best for you.


Jeanette Jenkins

Jeanette is the founder of The Hollywood Trainer, and her impressive celebrity client list speaks for itself. She's worked with stars like Kelly Rowland, Pink, Alicia Keys, Serena Williams, and more. With over 25 years of experience, she has succeeded in helping her clients reach their weight-loss goals while instilling healthy habits in each person. Jeanette's Bikini Bootcamp and Sexy Abs Cardio Sculpt programs are just two of her many sweat-inducing workout plans. Or you can check out her killer Class FitSugar workout that torches 500 calories in 45 minutes.


Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer, aka JJ, gets everyone off their feet and into the best shape with her intense dance workouts. She turns a conditioning class into a fat-burning dance party, incorporating cardio, kickboxing, and so much more in the studio. The JJ Dancer Technique allows you to bring your sexy, booty-popping dance moves to the gym and get that sculpted "dancer's body." Try this 30-minute dance cardio workout that she created exclusively for POPSUGAR.


Ellen and Lana Ector

The mother-daughter duo are taking the fitness world by storm with their Ectorcise workout challenge. Ellen, 64, and her daughter Lana have built their practice on the idea that fitness is part of your DNA. They run the Atlanta studio Gymnetics Fitness, where they incorporate nutrition into the workout plans. Their DVDs can help you get ripped in the comfort of your own home.


Angela Manuel-Davis

Angela founded the AMDIO Method with the idea that everything we see on the outside is a reflection of how we feel on the inside. Her program targets your physical body as well as your mind. She also reflects these ideas in her sweat-dripping SoulCycle classes to inspire confidence and positivity on the bike.


Madison Chase

Madison's past as an insanely talented ballerina has influenced her fitness practice years later. She works with celebrities, as well as NFL and NBA players, leaving them more fit and mentally stronger than before. Madison's DVD program Give Me 15 will transform your body and your mind.


Jess Taras

Jess is a skilled yoga instructor and personal trainer who has integrated creativity into her practice. Her impressive poses and appreciation for the human body set her practice apart from your typical Vinyasa flow instructor. Jess's #YogaAfterDark series shows followers how expressive yoga can be (clothing optional).


Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn has set her Vinyasa flow yoga practice apart from others by focusing on the emotional results instead of the physical results of yoga. She stresses the importance of self-acceptance and self-love and reflects that in each of her powerful Instagram posts. She recently published the book Every Body Yoga, where she opens up about her journey in the fitness world and talks about why she started practicing.


Lita Lewis

Following a breakup, Lita found her passion in the gym. She quit her corporate job, hit the gym, and worked insanely hard to rebuild her mindset, eventually building a strong following on Instagram. Lita made it her mission to instill confidence and body positivity in each of her clients and social media followers. She hosts bootcamp and training classes in Los Angeles, in addition to online programs to #FollowTheLita.


Elisabeth Akinwale

Elisabeth is a CrossFit aficionado with a background in competitive gymnastics and weightlifting. Not only does she offer impressive personal training sessions, but her On Balance seminar can also help transform your physical and mental approach to fitness. Elisabeth is a Chicago-based trainer, but her son is her number one priority.


Anowa Adjah

Priding herself as "the first full-figured fitness phenomenon," Anowa encourages all of her followers to love their bodies. She wanted to change the idea that being "fit" could only be associated with being super skinny, making health the ultimate goal of her practice. She started her own fitness company, Powerhouse Physiques, LLC, after being rejected from the modeling industry. Anowa's DVD Lose the Gutt, Keep the Butt was her first of many 60-day challenges.


Traci Copeland

Traci is a Nike Master Trainer, but her passion for exercise began with dance. She's obsessed with all things that will get you on your feet, whether it be boxing, gymnastics, yoga, surfing, and, of course, running. Anyone who's ever taken one of Traci's classes can attest to her contagious smile and positivity. She's New York City-based, but her energy can be felt across the world through her Instagram feed.


Racheal Weathers

Racheal is a New York City-based Hatha and Vinyasa yoga instructor. Her number one priority is self-love and care, and interestingly enough, Racheal taught herself yoga. She began by watching a few YouTube videos at home, and she soon turned into a full-blown yogi with a passion.


Ally Love

You may recognize Ally from her work with the Brooklyn Nets, but aside from her hosting duties, Ally is a dancer, an athlete, a cycling instructor, a movement starter, and so much more. Her passion for sports and wellness led her to start the Love Squad, which encourages people to push their limits and finish "everything with love."


Ramona Braganza

Ramona is a celebrity trainer with a budding list of impressive clientele, including Jessica Alba. She most recently worked with both Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan as the on-set trainer for Fifty Shades Darker, where their perfectly sculpted bodies could be seen from any row at the movie theater. Ramona is most well-known for her 3-2-1 Training Method, which is three parts cardio, two parts strength training, and one part core exercises. Check out her 20-minute workout to help new moms get fit.


Massy Arias

You may recognize Massy aka Mankofit from her insanely popular Instagram feed, but what you might not know is that Massy's love for fitness came about as a way to cope with depression. She was born in the Dominican Republic, but Massy identifies as a black woman because of her African descent. Massy's MA30DAY program has people all over the world praising her for helping them achieve their goals with meal prep tips, exercise help, and overall lifestyle advice. The best part of the program is that you can interact with Massy privately on Snapchat to get that extra motivation.