Every Single Breakup Tip That TikTok Psychologist Dr. Julie Smith Has Ever Shared

The #TikTokTherapist sub-genre of the video-sharing app is populated with licensed therapists — and it's truly the gift that keeps on giving. One of the experts bestowing us with much-needed, reliable mental health content is psychologist Dr. Julie Smith. With over 2 million TikTok followers, Smith is one of the most popular experts on the platform. She offers bite-size tips on caring for your mental health with a focus on anxiety, depression, and relationships, all set to the ubiquitous tunes, dance moves, and stylistic editing the app is known for.

Smith is like an encouraging big sister, especially in her breakup videos that feel both reassuring and comforting. With her concrete coping advice and gentle approach, she reminds us that the healing process isn't linear and it's OK to grieve after a breakup. She also shares science-backed content explaining how the brain reacts to heartache and how to use music to jolt your brain into a better mood.

Below, we've compiled all of the breakup tips Dr. Julie Smith has ever posted on the platform — from her number one breakup coping secret, to her breakdown of the stages of grief — to help you navigate those murky emotions post-breakup.

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