Dua Lipa Perfectly Executes a Headstand in Jeans and Heels, of All Things

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Dua Lipa's "Future Nostalgia" Tour has been a masterclass in memorizing choreography and building stamina, but outside of her onstage workouts, the "Physical" singer makes time to wind down with her favorite yoga poses. During a 73 Questions interview with Vogue on May 10, Lipa revealed that she "always, always" travels with her yoga mat, a simple but versatile workout tool that likely serves as a great place to recenter her body and mind after performing for crowds of thousands of fans across the globe.

"What's the most difficult yoga pose that you've mastered?" interviewer Joe Sabia asks Lipa as she guides him through a labyrinth of stage equipment. Without hesitation, Lipa reveals that her most challenging pose to date is a Crow pose — an arm-balancing pose that involves balancing your knees on your elbows as you crouch forward on your hands — that transforms into a headstand. When asked to demonstrate for the camera, Lipa replies, "In heels and jeans? I can try," and confidently steps onto the yoga mat.

After taking a second to compose herself, Lipa — dressed in an embellished butterfly crop top, flared jeans, and a shimmering pair of four-inch heels — leans forward on the mat and slips effortlessly into the Crow pose. To Sabia's amazement, she proceeds to tip forward onto her head and extend her legs vertically, flawlessly executing a headstand. Lipa holds the pose for several seconds before sticking the landing in her sparkling purple heels and giving herself a well-deserved round of applause.

Nailing a headstand is difficult enough in leggings and workout socks, but Lipa's reserve while executing the move in full glam is a tribute to the "Levitating" singer's impressive yoga skills. See Lipa pull off a perfect headstand in glittering heels here, or watch her do the same move in more traditional yoga attire in her recent Instagram post. TBH, it's impressive either way.