These 18 Incredible Transformation Photos Prove BBG Works

If you've never heard of Kayla Itsines and her BBG fitness programs, you're about to see that this fitness program can yield serious results. Scroll through these transformation photos to see what happened when 18 women combined these 28-minute home workouts with dedication and consistency.

I don't want to be THE best, I want to be MY best,
I don't want to be skinny, I want to be strong!
I don't want to compete with other women, I want to lift them up, cheer them on, admire them!
I don't want to strive for perfection, I want to wake up everyday and be the girl who shows up and never gives up.
These are my goals — for fitness AND life,
and here's the good news,
The only person you are destined to become, is the person you decide to be!
So I'm gonna go and freaking get it."

"I loved using BBG because it allowed me to modify movements. Y'all, I couldn't even do ONE sit up. Now after over 12 weeks of consistency, I can do spider man push ups."

"13 months later and 37 kilograms (81 pounds) later, I have still been following the programs even now, and I don't think I'll ever want to stop."

"Instead of wanting to be skinny, I want to be strong. Instead of looking at exercise as a chore, I look at it as a privilege, grateful that I'm able to do it! I've been doing @kayla_itsines #BBG program from home for the last two and a half years, and it has made such a big impact on me physically and mentally! Now I can't imagine my life without exercise!"

"Two years ago I had 40 in my sights and I had a plan to be my happiest and healthiest self by that birthday!
Was I?! Sure bloody was!
Did I feel amazing in the dress? Sure bloody did!
BUT that was never my end goal!
My end goal?!
Loving myself strong to rack up as many birthday weeks as I can!"

"I am not where I am today because I didn't fail. I am where I am BECAUSE I failed and just never gave up."

"Posting for my own motivation! The girl on the left was unhappy with the way she felt all the time (probably from a diet that consisted mostly of fast food and chocolate!) and wanted to improve herself and focus on following a healthy lifestyle. I am SO proud of myself for taking the steps to transform not only my body but also my mind and for pushing through all the workouts and early mornings to achieve what I have! I've never FELT better!"

"I LOVE my body!!! Don't be fooled by my desire to lose weight - I believe you can love your body and want to change it at the same time."

Proud of how far I've come physically.
But more important:
Proud of how far I've come mentally."

"I am 20 kilograms/44 pounds lighter than two years ago and fitter than ever — and I am only getting started."

"It's not quite 12 weeks yet but I had to post this because I was so amazed by the difference. Zero weeks, vs. mid week eight of BBG."

"As I was getting ready for my workout today it occurred to me that I hadn't taken an 'after' picture in quite some time so here it is: week 1 of #bbg and week 32! This program has not only completely changed my physical appearance but it has also completely changed my state of mind. It's helped me have a good relationship with food and learn to love and appreciate what my body can do. Yes I've lost 80 pounds but more importantly I've gained strength, confidence and self love!"

"I fell in love with fitness and a balanced lifestyle."

"Between picture 1 and 3 there's just over 19 lbs gone and a fair few inches."

"I hope that just one person has been influenced by my post and they find the courage to do more. That they realize they are worth the time and effort for a better quality of life."

"What matters, what TRULY brings change, is determination, consistency, community, and absolute drive."

"There is a FIVE POUND DIFFERENCE in these photos, how crazy is that?! 115-110. It just goes to show that it's not about weight loss but rather building muscle and getting stronger."