This Stress-Melting Body-Scan Meditation Takes Less Than 15 Minutes to Do From Bed

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Stress builds up, but that doesn't mean you need to let it overwhelm you and consume your day. As one friend of mine says, "Let it out, but let it go." Doing a body scan — easing up on tension in every part of your body mindfully and slowly — can help mitigate the anxiety you're feeling (a stress management expert even told us this in a past interview).

The body-scan meditation video here is an example of a quick and gentle session that can do its part to melt stress away when you need to most. It comes from yoga instructor Arianna Elizabeth, and she suggests putting on this meditation before a mid-day nap or bedtime while lying down. After some easy breathing, she will walk you through the body scan, which consists of bringing attention to the soles of your feet, up to the top of your head, and back down again. Not to mention, the piano-led music in the background, along with her voice, are super relaxing to listen to.

"What we really need to do is begin to train our minds to do what we want in regards to relaxation, and this is something that anyone can do," our instructor says, stating at the end, "Stay soft and stay gentle. No matter what the world can bring, you can still be in control of you." Find a comfortable place, embrace this moment of pause, and try to allow the body scan to soothe you. You deserve it.