Can't Afford a Therapist? This Anti-Anxiety and Stress Notebook Might Be the Next Best Thing

Finding a therapist who is accepting new clients, is someone you click with, and within your budget is rare but not impossible. It can take a lot of time to find someone who meets all the criteria on your list (and we definitely don't recommend settling for just anyone), and therapists are aware of that. Because sessions can be expensive, a team of psychologists got together and created The Anti-Anxiety Notebook ($34, originally $40).

The notebook provides you with the tools in the form of journaling to cope with and manage your mental health. If you've been interested in journaling but aren't completely sure where to start, you're in luck. The journaling prompts are based off of cognitive behavioral therapy along with tools like reflection questions to help you figure out which therapy tools work best for you.

There are a total of 100 journal entries which can be used whenever you feel stressed or anxious; check-ins focusing on mindfulness, positive relationships, sleep, and more; and over 100 tips and notes from therapists to help guide your reflections. You don't have to use the notebook every day, but whenever you feel something "emotionally potent," the notebook can help you work through it.

We love this concept (and the fact that it was created by licensed professionals), and think it can be extremely helpful in those moments where you feel overwhelmed and just need to talk to someone. This notebook is a great addition to your mental health toolkit but shouldn't be treated as a substitute for any professional treatment you are currently receiving. Take a sneak peek at what the inside of the notebook looks like ahead: