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Habit Trackers That’ll Keep You Dedicated to Your Goals

My Habit Tracker Is the Reason I Haven’t Ditched My 2020 Goals

Habit Trackers That’ll Keep You Dedicated to Your Goals

The mental whiplash a busy schedule can induce is no joke. Just thinking about juggling my work schedule, adulting, and my social life pulls my mind in every direction and brings on a headache.

I've found that meal prepping, maintaining an organized space, and hitting the gym keeps me sane amongst the chaos, which is where my habit tracker continually saves the day.

If I don't write something down, it won't get done — plain and simple.

My habit tracker acts as my personal assistant, tasked with compartmentalizing everything on my plate. I can't sing its praises enough. By having an agenda dedicated to completing consistent goals and tracking my progress, I'm truly grounded to an anxiety-busting routine.

You, too, can hold yourself accountable to a well-ordered lifestyle with the help of the following habit trackers. Once your mountain of to-dos is spelled out for you, you'll feel less overwhelmed about tackling it one checkmark at a time.

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