If You're Currently Unemployed, the Headspace App Is Offering a 1-Year Subscription — For Free!

More and more people are facing unemployment and financial stress due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it's greatly affecting our mental health. Although meditation can't pay the bills, it can be an effective tool to cope with the anxiety and stress of being jobless because of this global crisis.

That's why if you're unemployed or furloughed, and living in the U.S., Headspace announced it will be offering free, one-year subscriptions to help support the psychological effects of being out of work. Go here to register for one year of Headspace Plus (which normally costs $70 a year), and it will unlock access to all 1,200+ hours of meditation and mindfulness content including sleep, kids, and mindful movement.

In addition to the content in its existing library, Headspace will also be launching six new meditations under a featured collection called "Living through unemployment." Available May 18, this collection will include meditations such as: "Adapting to sudden change," "Sadness and loss," "Recovering confidence," and "Finding purpose."

This initiative is part of the company's newly created "Headspace Promise," its ongoing commitment to caring for the mental health of America by helping the people and communities who need it most. Although Headspace can't help you get your job back, hopefully using the app can give your mind some peace and relief to help you cope with today's emotions, which can help put you in the right frame of mind to get back on your feet.