Grab Paper Plates, Socks, or Sliders, and Glide Along to These Free Workout Videos

One of the easiest pieces of workout equipment to store is a set of sliders. They're disks that you can generally use on carpet and hard flooring for ab exercises, leg exercises, arm exercises — you name it. The best part is that if you don't have them in your home, you can opt for socks or a towel on hard flooring and paper plates on carpet, and you'll get the same effect.

Using sliders works your stability, endurance, and flexibility, NASM-certified personal trainer Stef Corgel told POPSUGAR. "Sliders can be used to achieve a total-body burn or to target smaller, more specific stabilizing muscles," she added. They make moves like planks and lunges more advanced but are also low-impact — not to be confused with low-intensity, since these sliders can bring the burn. It's a win-win if you're not into high-impact exercises but want to challenge yourself.

Ahead, check out workout videos straight from YouTube that incorporate sliders in either all of the sweat session or parts of it. Some of these videos also suggest using weights, and they range from under 10 minutes to over 40. Grab your socks, plates, towels, or sliders, and let's get our glide on!

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20-Minute At-Home Glider Workout With Towels From Class FitSugar

This workout proves that you don't need sliders — or "gliders," as Anna Renderer calls them. You can use towels for moves like reverse lunges, plank knee tucks, squats with three-point touches, and kneeling adduction.

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12-Minute Full-Body Slider Workout From Nicole Pearce

This workout from NASM-certified personal trainer Nicole Pearce includes progressions that will add exercises together to make them "combos," and then take moves away to work on individual exercises. For instance, you'll do twisted push-ups, then add on thread-the-needle pikes, then end with just thread-the-needle pikes. The progression concept in this 12-minute session may seems a bit daunting, but Pearce explains it all in the beginning.

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30-Minute Slider Workout From Sydney Cummings

Sydney Cummings, a NASM-certified personal trainer, created this 30-minute workout that, as she says, can be done with hand towels or sliders. You'll be doing lower-body exercises — backward lunges, hamstring curls, half pistol squats, and curtsy lunges, for example — as well as core moves like plank knee tucks and arm exercises such as slider push-ups.

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43-Minute Torch, Tone, and Slide Workout From Barlates Body Blitz

This workout from Barlates Body Blitz trainer and creator Linda Stejskal involves lunge and squat sequences with sliders as well as sections where you're using zero equipment. She also uses very light weights for some exercises, though they aren't required.

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20-Minute Tabata and Core Workout With Sliders From Nicole Pearce

Pearce is back with another slider workout, this time incorporating sections that follow a Tabata format (20 seconds on and 10 seconds off for four minutes). It's core-focused and a weight is optional for the crunches during part of the workout.

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8-Minute Bootybarre Slider Workout From Tracey Mallett

Tracey Mallett, creator of Bootybarre and Bbarreless, brings us an eight-minute workout that involves a series of different lunges, squats, and kicks. A portion of this routine features barre-focused moves like pliés and requires you to lock into your balance and stability.

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25-Minute Build-a-Combo Slider Workout From Nicole Pearce

Pearce has another slider and weighted workout that is, again, focused on building combination moves. You'll be progressing into five different combos in this workout, each lasting two minutes, and you'll do two rounds of all of the combos. Pearce points out that you can also use the following as sliders on carpet: overturned frisbees, DVDs, and magazines. She says that a heavy weight is required (she uses a 20-pound kettlebell), but the lighter dumbbells are optional.

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30-Minute Cardio Dance and Sculpting Workout With Sliders From Class FitSugar

This Class FitSugar video is led by Megan Roup, founder of The Sculpt Society. Here, you'll be doing fun, easy-to-follow cardio dance moves as well as an arm series using optional weights and a lower-body slider segment to work your stability and challenge your legs and booty. Want more from Roup? Here are plank exercises to use with sliders.