How Does an Olympic Freestyle Skier Train in the Summer? By Flipping Into a Pool, Apparently

Effortlessly gliding through freshly packed snow; zipping through turns on cold, clear winter days; and flipping through air — while attached to skis! — makes freestyle skiing one of the most impressive and exciting Winter Olympics sports to watch. Ahead of the 2022 Games in Beijing this February, the Olympic athletes are training hard, and that includes in scorching hot temperatures. As this behind-the-scenes video from NBC Olympics reveals, Olympic skiers have to get pretty creative with their summer workouts. And those workouts are intense!

The video features 2018 Olympian Morgan Schild, who's a member of the US moguls team. Schild recorded a montage of her various training techniques, starting with sliding down a ramp on her skis and doing flips into a swimming pool. (Yes, a swimming pool!) In the strength section, she's seen weight-lifting. Next is a trampoline and flexibility session, where she does flips on a trampoline and practices various gymnastics skills on a gym floor. Finally, she ends her training with sprints. My leg muscles are shaking just watching this.

At the end of the video, Schild does a quick equipment tune-up before hitting that recovery — relaxing in a pair of compression boots while watching TV. "Then do it all again the next day," a caption reads. The discipline and skill required to complete that amount of training every day is incredible, and to think, this video is just a glimpse into the Olympian's training regimen. Wild! I know I can't wait to watch Schild's hard work pay off at the Olympics next year.