Can't Go to the Gym and Miss Heavy Lifting? Massy Arias Shares How to DIY a Barbell

Do you miss deadlifts, front squats, and shoulder presses? Nothing compares to that badass feeling of wrapping your hands around a barbell and grunting while lifting something heavy. But if you can't use the equipment at your gym, trainer Massy Arias has shared this easy and inexpensive hack for re-creating heavy lifting at home. She said in her post, "getting super creative this week so if you have a power band and a broomstick, you won't miss the gym." Finally I can put my Swiffer to good use!

Hopefully a band is something you already have at home, but if not, you can order some on Amazon. These bands are like the ones Massy uses without handles, or you can use the bands with handles (these are what I use).

Home Workout Using Broom and Bands

Directions: Massy said to perform each movement for 10 to 12 repetitions, and complete three to four sets. Adjust the resistance by the strength of the band.

  • Band deadlift
  • Band front squat
  • Band shoulder press
  • Power band rows
  • Seated band curls
  • Supine band press
  • Good mornings

Massy advised to take each movement nice and slow and to focus on having even resistance on both sides before you start the movement. If you're itching for more of Massy's home workouts, try this workout using a chair. Or if you have dumbbells, try this intense 20-minute HIIT workout