Jennifer Lopez Reveals Strength, Speed, and Chiseled Abs in Her Workout With Alex Rodriguez

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Jennifer Lopez's latest at-home gym selfies gave us motivation times 1,000, which is something we always appreciate. But at the same time, we were like . . . drop the workout already, J Lo! Luckily she heard us, or at least her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, did, because today he shared a 20-minute workout the power couple did with ARod's kids, Natasha and Ella. By the looks of things, the short and sweaty series is not for the faint of heart.

The quick workout combined cardio and strength with a short sprint, bodyweight moves like push-ups, and weighted exercises like kettlebell swings and overhead presses. The Lopez-Rodriguez crew crushed it, and J Lo even saw fit to drop some ab tips, which immediately had our ears perking up. "Use your core," J Lo explained during shoulder presses. "This is where you tighten your stomach." She said the same thing during the push-up set, underscoring the importance of engaging your core even during moves that aren't ab-focused. Not only will it help to chisel your abs, but you'll also be protecting yourself from back injuries. Everybody say thank you, J Lo!

Grab the full workout below, and watch Lopez, Rodriguez, Natasha, and Ella put in work in the video above.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's 20-Minute Workout

Directions: Complete as many sets as you can in 20 minutes (J Lo and A Rod got through four). Don't forget to warm up first and cool down afterwards with some stretching.