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Kin Euphorics Nightcap Dream Light Review

I Tried Kin Euphorics' Nightcap, and It's a Wonderful Way to Drift Off to Sleep

My Experience Using Kin Euphorics Dream Light Nightcap

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One of POPSUGAR's writers swears by the elated effects of High Rhode. It's a nonalcoholic drink from Kin Euphorics meant for socializing that supposedly reduces stress, nourishes your mind after a long day, and leaves you feeling good. Our writer described it as experiencing a "wave of stress wash away," having a burst of energy, and, after multiple drinks, being "alcohol-fuzzy."

"Kin exists to bring more pleasure to the human experience starting with daily little moments of social recreation and self-restoration after dark," founder and CEO Jen Batchelor told POPSUGAR. Basically, the products — High Rhode now comes in Spritz cans, too — are about giving adults a better-for-you alcohol alternative that promotes a feel-good attitude and "conscious connection." It all sounds appealing and also somewhat mystical.

That's why I was interested in Kin Euphorics's new nightcap beverage Dream Light. It has the same whimsical vibe but doesn't contain caffeine like High Rhode does. Jen described it as a "wind-down ritual" that leaves you well-rested, while High Rhode helps "restore the endocrine system and elevate the state naturally without the crash or hangover." Ahead, check out more details on Dream Light and how it went giving it a try before bed.

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