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Watch a Clip From Lenox Hill's Special Episode on COVID-19

Lenox Hill Filmed a Heartbreaking Special Episode on COVID-19 — Watch the First Clip

Netflix's Lenox Hill, which documents the lives of four doctors working at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, will air a special episode centered on the COVID-19 pandemic. The episode, which will be available to stream on June 24, was filmed over the course of two months, when the spread of the novel coronavirus was at its peak.

While filming for the original series wrapped just before COVID-19 arrived in the US, Vulture reported that the filmmakers, Ruthie Shatz and Adi Barash, realized the importance of capturing Lenox Hill's doctors at work during the pandemic, especially in a city that had been hit so hard by the virus. For 33 days over the course of two months, Barash reported to Lenox Hill to film. He did the entire project alone, only accompanied by an American Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) representative, and followed the same sanitation protocols as the healthcare workers while filming.

"The first few days were really extreme in that way, but seeing how the doctors were performing, how resilient they were, how efficient with this massive event coming their way, it was really inspiring," he told Vulture. "I was thinking, If this is a war, these are my commanders and they're going in the front of the line. They're not in a bunker hiding. It was very moving emotionally for me."

This special episode of Lenox Hill will show viewers just how heartbreaking COVID-19 has been for the doctors, nurses, and staff working on the front lines, who, in addition to treating patients, have often had to sacrifice time with their families. (Dr. Mirtha Macri, an emergency-room physician who was featured in the series, sent her husband and young son away to stay with her parents.) Watch the teaser above, and stream the full episode on June 24.

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