Calling All Pregnant Peloton Fans: "Prenatal Strength and Cycling Is Here!"

If you're a huge Peloton fan and you're also expecting a baby, get excited, because Peloton heard your requests and is now offering prenatal fitness classes. Head Peloton instructor and NASM-certified trainer Robin Arzón, who announced her pregnancy in September, said in a recent Instagram post that "prenatal strength and cycling is here!" Arzón has been hard at work in the studio creating workouts that support the research that resistance-based strength and interval training are perfect preparation for empowered births of all kinds and the daily activities of parenthood.

These classes are for pregnant athletes and include foundational content for all trimesters and all levels. In the Instagram caption, Arzón said, "This is not about limitation, it's about possibility. Strength is our standard. Let's show the world what our bodies can do."

"Labor is basically an endurance sport," said board-certified ob-gyn Heather Irobunda, MD, in a Peloton blog post. She's the newest member of Peloton's Health and Wellness Advisory Council and a Peloton member herself. Dr. Irobunda endorses cardio such as cycling or running during pregnancy to help maintain endurance and train for labor. She emphasizes that if you're pregnant and haven't been physically active prior to the pregnancy that you take your time with physical activity and do exercises that align with your pre-pregnancy level of fitness. This is also something Arzón emphasizes in her classes.

If you're a Peloton member, you've probably taken a class with Arzón who teaches on the bike, the tread, and in strength classes on the mat. And if you're expecting, you can now enjoy her prenatal classes and feel the same inspiration, like you can conquer the world (and maybe even morning sickness!). Designed to help pregnant individuals reach their goals throughout the entire pregnancy, the first round of classes can be found on demand now. Arzón said to stay tuned for more in the coming months.

If you're not already a member and want access to Peloton's prenatal spinning and strength classes, memberships cost between $13 and $39 a month, plus the cost of Peloton equipment. It's definitely worth the price to feel strong and healthy during and after your pregnancy.