I'm Breaking a Sweat Just Watching Shay Mitchell's 4-Move Bodyweight Workout

Shay Mitchell joined TikTok right before COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders started in the US, and she's been dancing it up, documenting her daily snacking, and perfecting the art of lip-syncing ever since. With almost four million followers, you could call her a TikTok icon at this point, and now on the app, the Dollface, Pretty Little Liars, and You actor is giving us an inside look into an outdoor workout she did at home.

On August 3, Mitchell posted a short clip of herself exercising with minimal equipment, doing moves like crossover high knees (for 30 seconds); box jumps, or what she calls a "squat jump," (15 reps); what she refers to as a "step-up" — it's actually a form of traveling toe taps (20 reps each leg); and modified burpees with an alternating reverse lunge (five reps). Yes, it looks intense, but it also looks like fun!

Check out the full video above to watch Mitchell's sweat session. She did three total rounds of these exercises followed by eating a pizza — because it's all about balance.