Simone Biles and Her Boyfriend Brought Their Double Backflips Along With Them on Vacation

We know Simone Biles can do incredible gymnastics no matter the time or place — remember when she executed a full-twisting backflip on solid ground before throwing the first pitch at a World Series game? It was effortless. While on vacation in Belize with boyfriend Stacey Ervin Jr., the five-time world all-around gold medalist and 2019 female Olympic athlete of the year continued to show off her skills in the best way she can: flipping and twisting into the ocean with ease.

Ahead, watch Simone do a double-twisting double backflip off a platform (it's not even a diving board!) like she was born to fly (which she was). That's two twists and two flips in a tucked position as seen in the double-double beam dismount that bears her name. It's one fewer full twist than the Biles II, the triple-double she does on floor. Stacey also does flips into the tranquil turquoise waters — you'll see him do his own double-double in the last slide of his Instagram post. Major couple-on-vacation goals — would you expect anything less?